which movie
to rent
can be a

The guy
who had a coffee
with him
in the DVD rental shop
was well prepared
for that.

IMG_20130914_092424A shiny black mercedes
drove slowly
down the road,
looking cool.

The driver threw
his rubbish
out the window,
not looking cool
at all.

IMG_20130914_092414It was no place
to sleep,
the bench seat
by the bus stop.

But sleep he did,
head lolling
to one side,
a constant state
of almost
falling over.

IMG_20130914_092342Stormy, windswept people
blown into the bar.
Stopping a while
out of the weather
deciding whether
to move on now
or wait

IMG_20130914_091929The lady waits
for the bus.
Most days
we see her
at ten to nine.
Sitting, waiting,
walking sick
by her side.
Not hurried,
she’s always there
on time,
while we hurry
usually late.

IMG_20130914_091921The dog
smiled up at her

It was a beautiful day
and they were out
with friends.

Best day ever.

IMG_20130914_091909The hat of the day award
goes to the man wearing the
positively sulfurous,
fluorescent yellow beanie.

He wore it loosely
like one of Disney’s dwarves,
kind of baggy on top.

Heigh Ho,
Heigh Ho!